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Granny Pods: Backyard Homes For the Elderly

Granny pods are a possible solution for housing senior citizens.

granny pods

One of the worst things about aging is the loss of independence. Many elderly people have been in their apartments or homes for decades, but once they reach a certain age, housing becomes an issue. Of course, no parent wants to burden their children, especially in matters of real estate, and ‘granny pods’, AKA ‘temporary family health-care structures’ are a new invention by the company N2Care that aims to provide a solution to that problem.

Granny Pods are 288-square-foot cottages that include electricity and water, a medication dispenser, one bedroom with extra space for caregivers, and a ton of medical features that help senior citizens retain some independence while still looking out for their health, including a cushioned floor.

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As our parents age, our eventual inclination is to either put them in a home, or move them into our own homes. These granny pods are a creative solution, and the best of both worlds.

granny pods

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