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The Most Expensive Zip Codes in America

Discover the top five most expensive neighborhoods in the US by zipcode.

most expensive us zipcodes
Anytime you consider a move, you should always consider the surrounding neighborhoods, and complete your due diligence in regards to the average rental rate for surrounding apartments. Knowing exactly how much others are paying in any given neighborhood can offer you a powerful bargaining tool when negotiating rent, and even help you decide on if a neighborhood is right for you based on the incomes of other renters in the area.

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Its always a good thing to know where the most expensive rentals are, so this list was created by collecting apartment rental averages across the United states, for zip codes in 125 major U.S. rental markets.

Unsurprisingly, Manhattan and San Francisco zip codes occupy most of the top 20, however Boston is mentioned once, which is actually surprising to me, because it is the only other city in the top 20.

So if you are considering a move and want to be where the rich people are, these zip codes are your best bet.
To find out the median rental prices in your state, hover over the map.

most expensive us zipcodes

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