Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Reducing your carbon footprint can lead to savings, if done correctly.

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In these days of global warming and climate change, homeowners are becoming much more conscious of how much energy their homes consume. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2015 the average household was responsible for releasing more than twice as much C02 emissions as the average car. Obviously this is a problem that we need to tackle, but rest assured that you can help by making sure your own home is as energy efficient as possible.

Swapping your incandescent bulbs with warm-colored LEDs will save you $100 on energy costs every year. In the typical American household, between 5-10 percent of the total energy budget goes to lighting, so changing out light bulbs can lead to big savings in the future.

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Energy vampires are things like phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that you leave plugged in even when you aren’t using them. Leaving them plugged in draws energy from the grid constantly, which can really add up over time. Unplugging your devices when they are fully charged or not in use will save both money and energy.

Check your home for leaks. Much of your air conditioning is most likely escaping through cracks in windows, or through poor insulation. The quickest way to do this is to make sure all your windows are weather sealed (especially if you aren’t opening and closing them often). Stow away any window units every winter, and if you have more time and money to put forth, air seal your attic and basement.

If you are really concerned with your home’s carbon footprint, get a home energy audit. This involves a comprehensive house energy assessment done by a professional, which can also be subsidized based on income.

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