Does Your Home Need a Robot Butler?

The future is here, and it comes with artificially intelligent robot butlers.

kuri robot butler

I don’t know about you, but to me, having a robot butler sounds like a dream come true. California-based company Mayfield Robotics agrees with me, and has created an absolutely adorable robotic ‘home assistant’ named Kuri, to that end.

Kuri resembles a small version of Baymax, from Big Hero Six. The robot functions as a voice-activated security camera designed to keep your home safe. It responds to commands with mimicked ‘human’ expressions, is self-charging, and has a body equipped with sensors to prevent accidents. It can also play music, control smart appliances (much like Alexa, but cuter), and record video of special moments. It also works with both iOS and Android systems.

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In total, the robot is two feet tall and weighs 14 pounds. It is set to ship in December, 2017, so if you are ready to step into the future and live The Jetsons life, you can pre-order for a deposit of $100 here.

kuri robot butler

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