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Detroit Will Tear Down 10,000 Abandoned Houses Within 2 Years

The Mayor of Detroit plans to tear down 10,000 blighted houses in the next 24 months.

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Most of the time, when you think about Detroit you think about a run-down automobile industry, and rows of empty, derelict houses. It’s no secret that Detroit has fallen on hard times, and as a bid to correct that, they have begun demolishing abandoned homes.

Since 2014, Detroit has torn down over 10,000 vacant homes, using $250 million in ‘anti-blight’ federal funding. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan recently pledged to tear down 10,000 more blighted homes in the next two years.

In the past, Duggan and his program have come under scrutiny for rising demolition costs, and are still under federal investigation. The average cost of demolition is between $12-13,000, but in 2015 it was reported that some homes cost up to $20,000 to tear down. The program blamed this on asbestos removal guidelines, and a lack of fill-dirt, but there were also problems with fund reimbursement, which lead to the investigation.

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The program seems to be doing all right however, as property values near demolition sites have raised by over 4 percent. There is still a question of the missing money, but according to Duggan the program is completely compliant with state and federal regulations, and will keep working to make Detroit great again.

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