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Con-Ed Price Increase Coming Soon for New Yorkers

Con-Ed price increase is coming soon– start polishing your energy saving skills now.

The amount of electric energy that is being used during the winter is typically bigger than what is used during the summer. Because of this, our lovely and famous-t0-all-New Yorkers local energy supplier, Consolidated Edison Inc., is announcing a slight increase of the price of electric energy. Because the subway fares have gone up, rent is always going up, coffee prices are up, and now what the heck… let’s add lights to the list. New York residents may expect a 4.5% bill rise, which will be the first electricity price increase since 2012. If you’re upset, just remember you’ve been coasting for 4 years, so it could be worse– right?


In addition, the price of another energy source, gas, will be raised by a more shocking 8.2%. The residents of New York will obviously speak against the Con-Ed price increase, there is a whole somewhat long-winded story behind it. The idea for higher electricity prices in New York came from Consolidated Edison Inc. who launched a special program in different parts of Queens and Brooklyn. This program is based on a plan to supply $1 billion for substation growth, and there is an idea to install a new type of energy efficient system. So basically you’ll pay more till you learn to use less, more wisely, or more efficiently.

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The whole electric energy savings plan for the people of New York will begin on January 1, 2017. Part of the roll out will also include residential detectors of methane, and construction of the infrastructure surrounding this.

According to the latest data from Con Ed. an average resident of New York City is using around 300 kilowatt-hours during the month. Since this is a great amount of electrical energy, the monthly bill will rise from $78.52 to $82.63. For the residents that use gas, the bill will also rise from $142.31 to $153.30.

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