Are Ceramic or Concrete Shingles the Best Kind for Your Home?

There are many manufacturers of ceramic and concrete shingles, along with a few differences about them depending on what you want for your home. They offer services such as instillation for their tile products, as well as information about what type of shingles would be best for the weather in the area that you plan on residing in for the next half century.

concrete or ceramic shingles

Image used courtesy of Arapahoe Roofing.

These manufacturers are located in many different places around the world, and it is a great idea to shop around and see what they can specifically help you with. Depending on where they are located and the architectural influences within the manufacturing companies themselves, there are hundreds of unique styles and colors of these types of shingles that are offered. The key in choosing what is best for you and your family is to make that decision together. Take your time, because this will be a choice that is long lasting. Keep the slope of your home’s roof in mind, any local building codes that you may have to abide by, and, of course, how either the concrete or clay shingles will complement the overall look of your home.

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Here’s a list of manufacturers for you to choose from:

American Building Components

Accel Roofing Products

ALTUSA™/Clay Forever LLC

Columbia Concrete Products Ltd. 

Entegra® Sales Inc. 

Gladding, McBean LLC

Koramic Leiyuan Industrial Co. Ltd.

Ludowici Roof Tile™

Marley Eternit

MCA® Superior Clay Roofing Tile 


Northern Roof Tiles

Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd.

SantaFé Tile 

Tejas Borja USA Inc.

Umbelino Monteiro 

Unicrete Products Ltd. 

VGR Vande Hey Raleigh

Ceramic and concrete shingles are some of the most durable forms of roofing materials in the world, and your biggest benefit will be their longevity. Still, there are certain things that they will help you with that are a little more specific. Concrete tiles, for example, are very eco-friendly being made from natural elements, plus you’ll also benefit from the low-cost of maintenance on them over the coming decades. The types of region they are best used in are atop homes that may have a risk of wildfires (such as California) being that they are superbly flame retardant. As far as being wind resistant, they are only about half as tough as they are against fire, but are confidently (and frequently) installed on homes located in places that regularly experience low to moderate wind conditions year round.

Clay shingles take a little more natural energy to manufacture, but the benefits that come along with them (such as their longer life and the fact that they can be safely installed on steeper sloped roofs) definitely make up for it. They also perform well in similar types of weather conditions and regions as the concrete ones.

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