Buy Everything You Need For Your Home for Three Dollars

A new website aims to change the way we buy accessories for our homes.

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When you first move into a new home, the pressure is immense. There is a laundry list full of things you have to do financially, on top of settling in, furnishing the place, and making sure you have all the little things you need to live a successful life in your new space. This definitely extends to home goods and accessories, because small things like ‘can openers’ can slip your mind until you actually need them.

Brandless, a new website aims to take that stress out of becoming a homeowner, by offering everything you need from you home for only 3$ each, and then bundling the important things (like knives, plates, or kitchen accessories) so you can use it as a one-stop shop right when you move in.

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Brandless is aimed at millennials, because as we all know, millennials want everything immediately, and they want to buy it online. The accessibility of The Internet has made it easier than every for companies to solve real problems, like having to make a list of things you need and go to seven different stores to physically accomplish your goals.

Brandless solved this problem, by selling attractive modern home goods, healthy gluten-free food and/or beauty products, and pricing everything at only $3 each. They accomplish this by removing the brand tax, which apparently is a tax we all pay on products purchased from typical retailers. You can read all about it here.

So now, not only can you buy everything you need for your new place online, but you can buy it bundled (meaning the things you would probably forget are included), and for only 3$ a pop. I’ve been part of enough home-buying experiences to know how valuable that can really be.

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