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Buy an Entire Ghost Town for $250K

You can buy an entire ghost town in South Dakota for 250K. 

swett, south dakota

If you live in New York or San Francisco, $250,000 won’t even buy you a decent apartment. If you want to live in Swett, South Dakota, the same amount will buy you entire town. The property for sale includes a closed bar, and an empty house. There used to be a few old mobile homes, but they were removed to make the town more attractive.

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The town belonged to Lance Benson twice. He lost it the first time in a divorce settlement, then bought again it in 2012, only to lose it once more to the bank. It originally went on the market for $399K, but has since been lowered to try and attract a buyer. It turns out finding a buyer for an entire town in South Dakota is a little bit of a challenge.

The town is 2 hours away from Rapid City, but is pretty barren. It would make a great location for a post apocalyptic emergency bunker, right? Or, if you’re the work-from-home type and have a million kids type, the possibilities are endless. Imagine your business card, “Day Trader and Mayor.” Or perhaps, “Blogger and City OWNER.” You’d of course capitalize owner, because why not.

You probably only need about $25,000 as a down payment to make your dream of becoming mayor-by-majority a reality, but we have no idea if the town is wired for high speed internet, has paved roads, or is on Amazon’s delivery path. There’s a chance you’d starve and nobody would know because you’d be without communication. Still worth it to buy an entire ghost town.

swett, south dakota

swett, south dakota

swett, south dakota

swett, south dakota

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