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Man Leaves His Career to Build Brotopia Treehouse

Unhappy with his fashion career, a New York man left his life to build a ‘Brotopia treehouse’ in the wilderness.

brotopia treehouse

New York living is incredibly stressful, so it isn’t at all surprising when people up and leave their lives to pursue their bliss. It is even more gratifying when someone leaves the concrete jungle in favor of nature, so this story is especially satisfying. A New York man named Foster Huntington gave up his career at Ralph Lauren to build ‘Bro-topia’, a treehouse dwelling in Washington consisting of two structures connected by a swinging rope bridge.

Huntington pooled his life savings and teamed up with some friends (a carpenter and a designer) to follow his Brotopian dream.

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The treehouses are both under 200 sq. ft. and are situated 20-30 ft. above the ground, overlooking a skatebowl and a hot tub. They were made of reclaimed douglas fir and western red cedar wood, and he outlined the whole process in his book, called The Cinder Cone. I don’t normally read books like this, but one of my dreams is also to build a treehouse one day, so I may just follow in Huntington’s Brotopia treehouse footsteps.

brotopia treehouse

brotopia treehouse

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