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Baltimore is Officially More Dangerous Than New York

The city of Baltimore is more dangerous than New York’s most dangerous neighborhood.

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Anyone who has been to Baltimore knows that it has a reputation for being pretty rough and tumble. Anyone who has lived in New York knows that there are also neighborhoods and streets that you should probably steer clear of. According to recently-released date by the NYPD on major city-wide felonies committed, even New York’s most dangerous neighborhoods aren’t as bad as Baltimore.

The average homicide rates for cities with greater than 250,000 people were measured against homicide reports for neighborhoods like Ocean Hill, Brownsville, and South Jamaica. In Baltimore, the annual murder rate is under 40 per 100,000 residents. In Ocean Hill, it is under 30. To put that into perspective, the murder rate in Ocean Hill is five times the rate of New York City as a whole.

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In August, there were more murders total in Baltimore than in New York, even though it only has a population of 620,000, compared to New York’s 8.4 million.

So what does this mean for you? If you aren’t a fan of getting murdered, Baltimore might not be a good place for you. However, if you aren’t afraid of a little danger, Baltimore is probably a good place to buy.

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baltimore real estate

baltimore real estate


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