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A Century Old Church in Brooklyn Will Probably Become Affordable Housing

A Brooklyn church will most likely be destroyed and turned into low-income housing.

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Our Lady of Loreto is a century-old church in Brooklyn on the corner of Sackman and Pacific Streets in Brownsville. It was originally built in 1908, and for the last 7 years has been the subject of a conflict between preservationists and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. In June the diocese filed an application to have the church torn down to make way for Catholic Charities to build-low income housing on the site.

Brownsville has always been a poor neighborhood, and over the years the church has seen setback after setback, eventually being shuttered in 2009. The stained glass windows are now shuttered with plywood, and the only remnants of the interior left are the frescoed ceilings. Several attempts were made to save it the church, but a poor response stalled that process, and plans to raze the building marched on.

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The abandoned church can’t stay the way it is, so the diocese proposes to build 88 low-income housing units on the property. The negotiations are currently underway.

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