A $226 Apartment Rental in Chelsea?

A New York taxi-driver used a little-known law to take over a rent-stabilized apartment in Chelsea.

rent stabilized apartment

Anyone who lives in New York City knows that the ultimate dream is to score a rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan. A taxi-driver named Hamidou Guira did just that by invoking a law written into Rent Stabilization and New York City administrative codes that says that an occupant who requests a lease of six months or more at the former SRO “shall be a permanent tenant.”

The owner of the building is required by law to accept the tenant at the stabilized rate, which is currently $226 per month.

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According to most New Yorkers, Guira has achieved the New York dream, and according to many building owners, he is a real estate pariah. Say what you will, but $226 for rent is cheap, no matter where in the country you live.

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