7 Reasons to Buy Custom Furniture

Reasons to buy custom furniture from Craig Maniscalco, the co-founder of Manis Bros Design.

7 Reasons to Buy Custom Furniture

by Craig Maniscalco

When my mother needed a kitchen table and couldn’t find anything that she liked within her price range, my brothers and myself committed to making her the perfect table. The art of woodworking had been passed down to us along with more tools than we could fit in their shop (both our grandfather and great-grandfather were woodworkers). Our mother was so impressed with the table that we were soon hand-fashioning desks, art, and other pieces for friends and family. Manis Bros Design was born out of our love and dedication to keeping Mom happy, and we decided to keep it going by pouring the energy into custom furniture pieces for a broader audience.

Here are our reasons to buy custom furniture for your home or office:

  1. One of A Kind – You’ve spent a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money buying and decorating your home. You want it to reflect your style and unique personality so why buy the same pieces of furniture that’s in thousands of other homes? By choosing custom built furnishing you will be able to design them to fit the exact one-of-a-kind style that you need.

custom furniture

2. Saves Trees – You can help protect the environment by selecting reclaimed or repurposed materials…guilt-free furniture!

3. Custom Sizing – With custom made furniture you will not have to worry about whether or not it will fit proportionally within a particular space. You are able to work with us to customize the dimensions so you can make a headboard to fit that awkward wall dimension or create a table that perfectly fits into that small corner.

4. Meaningful Pieces – When clients approach me about buying custom furniture for their home, I also ask if there is something personal to them we can incorporate into the piece. Whether it’s honoring an ancestor by repurposing wood from a family heirloom or designing an office desk using the old rafters from a previously demolished room, the piece becomes that much more special with a personal touch.

5. Quality Materials – “Quality before quantity!” Custom made furniture is made with a higher quality of craftsmanship than mass produced furnishings. A lot of furniture companies make their goods with more affordable materials like composites and plastics, instead of real old-fashioned hard wood.

6. More affordable – In addition to being made with more affordable materials, mass produced furniture is no bargain. By choosing custom made we can design a piece that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. You know you are getting quality materials that are hand crafted to be exactly what you want.

7. It’s Just Plain Cooler – Imagine having a kitchen table that has been constructed from turn of the century wainscoting from an old courthouse or a coffee table made from an old tobacco barn. Not only will these pieces look amazing in your home but they will definitely strike up a conversation.

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