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3 Eco-Friendly One-Bedroom Apartments

Eco-friendly design has become more important than ever in terms of choosing a new home.

ecofriendly rentals

Chicago, IL: 222 W Erie St, Chicago, IL, $2,081/mo

This building features a modern rooftop garden that reduces storm water impact and reuses water to cool the building’s heat load.

With all the climate change lately, sustainability and green living has become a hot topic for both buyers and renters. Now more then ever, people are looking for eco-conscious options in their living spaces, whether they are looking for a high-rise penthouse apartment, or a sustainable mini-house that runs on compost and solar energy.

In France, they passed a law that states every new building most have either solar panels or a garden on the roof, which will do wonders for the carbon footprint over there.

We may not be there yet in the United States, but there are ways that every person can make a difference environmentally, even if it’s just from small upgrades made to existing spaces. These three rentals feature eco-friendly updates that will help you make a difference, just by paying your rent every month.

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ecofriendly rentals

Denver, CO: 300 S Lafayette St, Denver, CO, $1695/mo

This building derives all its energy from wind power.

ecofriendly rentals

Portland, OR: 1550 SE 20th Ave, Portland, OR, $1,397/mo

This apartment has LEED Gold Certification, high performance windows, and all energy-efficient appliances to keep utilities reasonable and green.

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