$2,000 Apartments Across America

Find out what $2000 in rent will get you in 5 American cities.

$2000 apartment rentals

Regardless of where you live, it is pretty widely accepted that $2,000 is a good amount of money to pay for an apartment. I remember when I lived in Tampa, I had a huge three bedroom, 2 bath with a private balcony and views of downtown for $900. In New York, I basically pay $1,000 just for my bedroom.

Rent prices vary dramatically by city, and depend on things like the housing market, the state of the neighborhood, and of course, gentrification.

If you have ever wondered what kind of value you are getting for your rent money, read on.

New York City– A small studio

$2000 apartment rentals

This tiny studio in New York City is 550 square feet, but features shiny floors and a closet. What more could do you really need to live in the big apple?

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San Francisco– Efficiency Studio

$2000 apartment rentals

This small studio apartment is located new Union Square in San Francisco. Unfortunately it is tiny and carpeted, but the bay area is absolutely breathtaking.

Los Angeles– 2 bedroom apartment with shared pool.

$2000 apartment rentals

$2000 apartment rentals

This apartment in LA is a bit larger than the studios of New York and San Fran, and features one of the most important things for LA living; a swimming pool.

Houston– A 3 bedroom home with a huge living area.

$2000 apartment rentals

This house in Houston has a brick fireplace, tall ceilings, a brand new kitchen, and three full bedrooms.

Detroit– 3 bedroom furnished penthouse.

$2000 apartment rentals

The king of all values, for only 2K you could live in a 1,325 fully-furnished three bedroom penthouse by the River Walk, complete with 19th century inspired architectural details, brick walks, and 13-foot ceilings. The only downside is that you have to live in Detroit, but I hear the River Walk is actually really nice.

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