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10 Blocks in the West Village will be Protected from Skyscrapers

The South end of the West Village will most likely be named a historic district.

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Anyone who has ever lived in or visited New York is probably acquainted with the West Village. It is an iconic area, representing the last vestiges of what New York used to be in the 70s and 80s. With recent real estate prices skyrocketing in New York though, many residents have been worried that skyscrapers would move in and destroy the idyllic neighborhood of brownstones and parks.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission of the city of New York recently agreed to look into the proposal of designating a 10-block area in the West Village as a historic district, which would protect it from upcoming development.

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For 10 years, residents and preservationists have been pushing to designate the ‘South Village’ as historic in order to protect it from high-rise construction. This recent development is a positive step in that direction, and under it, 160 buildings south of Houston Street between Sixth and West Broadway would be protected.

With the majority of New York being overrun with empty skyscrapers and investment homes that do nothing but drive up the price of real estate, it’s nice seeing communities fight back to keep things the way they are.

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