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A 1.7 Million Motorhome with a Mobile Garage

Even rich people are switching over to the mobile lifestyle.

1.7 million motorhome

Trends in recent years have shown that more and more people are giving up the dream of a life tethered to one main investment property, and hitting the road instead, to live a mobile lifestyle. Most of the time when people do this, the decision is mostly influenced by affordability, and freedom. That however, is not always the case.

A German company recently unveiled a luxury motorhome that costs more than most houses in America. The Volker Mobile Performance S motorhome is basically a mini-mansion on wheels. It measures 40-feet and contains a double bed, full kitchen, a large lounge, and even a heated bathroom.

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In case you aren’t sold on that (it sounds pretty standard for luxury motorhomes) there is also an included hydraulic lift to store an entire car within the structure. So basically, you could live in this thing year round without feeling inconvenienced. And if zombies attack, or you run out of gas, you have an entire separate vehicle within which to escape.

I don’t personally know anyone willing to drop 2 million on a rolling one-bedroom home, but I can understand the need to live on the open road, and I guess rich people probably feel that desire, too.

I will let you know if I ever find out.

1.7 million motorhome 1.7 million motorhome 1.7 million motorhome 1.7 million motorhome 1.7 million motorhome 1.7 million motorhome

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